Amanda Lai Wai Kuen, LPC, ICDVP

Through the counseling experience, Amanda hopes you can see yourself as an individual who is worthy of love, respect, and care.


Amanda Lai Wai Kuen LPC ICDVP

Amanda’s Credentials and Experience

Amanda Lai Wai Kuen is a licensed professional counselor (LPC) and an Illinois Certified Domestic Violence Professional (ICDVP).

She holds a bachelor of arts degree in psychological studies from Cardiff Metropolitan University, United Kingdom, and a master of arts degree in mental health counseling from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School (TEDS). 

Amanda also earned a graduate certificate in spiritual formation and discipleship from Moody Theological Seminary (MTS). 

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Working With Amanda Lai Wai Kuen

In counseling, Amanda aims to create a safe space where you can confidentially share your story. She wants you to know that you are safe and heard—without judgment or shame.  

Additionally, she is an empath (i.e., a person who is highly attuned to your feelings and emotions) and channels people’s emotions in her body.

A counseling session with Amanda may involve processing past hurts and messages you have learned. We then collaborate to transform these hurts and messages in a way that brings healing and long-lasting change in the present and for the future. That transformation also includes:

  • Building awareness about yourself
  • Learning about your personality type
  • Discovering your coping style

As a therapist, Amanda’s goal is to meet you where you are at and come alongside you in your journey of growth and healing.

More About Amanda Lai

Amanda’s Philosophy: Holistic Integration

Amanda is an advocate of integrating counseling and spirituality. She can adopt a faith-based and spiritually sensitive clinical approach to treatment. 

In the therapeutic relationship, she strives to:

  • Appreciate your worldview and your meaning of life
  • Understand your life experiences 
  • Learn about your strengths and preferences

Listening to the story behind your story is a meaningful experience for Amanda. She hopes that through the therapeutic alliance, you can see yourself as an individual that is worthy of love, respect, and care.

Amanda’s “Why”:  Her Purpose

Amanda’s mission is connection. She wants to create a safe, secure world by counseling and mentoring, children, teens, and adults on their self-worth. She really cares about how you view yourself and hopes to build on your gifts and strengths.

On a Personal Note: A Balanced Life

Apart from counseling, Amanda spends plenty of time with her family and young son. She enjoys going for runs with her dog, making cards, reading books, and taking event photos. She loves singing and making music with her spouse and youth group. She is actively involved in church and spends time discipling teenage girls weekly. 

Furthermore, Amanda attends continuing education classes monthly to keep up-to-date with current research, grow professionally and personally, provide quality care to clients, and maintain her certifications.

Contact Amanda

Phone: 224.800.1139


Fax: 847.278.1550