About Empowered and Authentic Living in Hoffman Estates, IL

At Empowered and Authentic Living, PLLC, our licensed counselors are clinical therapists who provide treatment for men, women, couples, families, teens, children, and the lgbtqia2s+ population. We are located in Hoffman Estates, IL, a northwest suburb of Chicago, near Interstate-90 (I-90) tollway.


We are delighted that our clients have rated us 5.0 on Google. We think our clients are pretty great, too!

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Our Mission

To provide healing and support to transform your life into one of passion, meaning, purpose, and joy.

We believe everyone deserves to be happy, healthy, and free—to be your most empowered and authentic self.

Licensed Clinical Counseling

Our licensed clinical therapists offer counseling services for men, women, couples, families, teens, and children.

Alternative Healing

We offer alternative healing therapies to complement your counseling services.

Our Story

In 2018, two women, Lisa Aranas and Ana Roussev, had an ambitious dream to heal the world. They wanted to help others:

  • Overcome feelings of low self-esteem and self-destructive messages
  • Live to their highest potential—be their best, authentic selves
  • Experience true joy, meaning, purpose, and passion
  • Enjoy peace and harmony in life

With these goals, in 2019, Lisa and Ana launched Empowered & Authentic Living, LLC. The practice offered a variety of traditional clinical counseling and alternative healing therapies. By 2021, the practice grew to include three additional therapists.

In 2022, Ana moved on in her inspired life’s journey. However, with the talents of like-minded therapists, Lisa continues to grow the business and upholds its original mission: to heal the world.

Today, the counseling center is known as Empowered & Authentic Living, PLLC.

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 About Our Therapists

You have come to this page because of your strength, the inclination to invest in yourself, and your ability to be hopeful for the future. Acknowledge your determination and courage in this.

Rest assured, all of our therapists create a warm, welcoming, safe, and supportive environment.

Finding the right therapist or counselor is an important decision.  You’ll want to ensure that your therapist has the credentials to serve you and that your personalities are a good fit.

At Empowered and Authentic Living, our therapists create a warm, welcoming, safe, and supportive environment for your healing and growth. We invite you to learn about our therapists and to review our clinical counseling and alternative healing services to see what resonates best with you.

Lisa Aranas, JD, LCPC

Lisa Aranas, JD, LCPC

Journeying alongside you, Lisa will help you find freedom, clarity, and purpose so that you can experience true joy and fulfillment in your life.

Sarah Armsey, LPC, CADC

Sarah Armsey, LPC, CADC

Sarah partners with you to process your emotions, unlearn unhelpful thought patterns, and work toward feeling less stuck and more connected to others.

kay nohelty, lpc, ncc

Kay Nohelty, LPC, NCC

Kay will help you on your unique journey to healing using techniques that work with our minds, spirits, and bodies.

kay nohelty, lpc, ncc

Monica Van Duyne, LPC, NCC

Monica is dedicated to helping you heal and grow your relationship with yourself.

kay nohelty, lpc, ncc

Nisha Patel, LCSW

Nisha is committed to helping clients be their best selves, and providing a safe, non-judgmental, and affirming space.