Marriage, Family, and Relationship Counseling

We offer marriage counseling as well as counseling for many other types of relationships.



Marriage Counseling and Other Couple Therapy

Whether your marriage or relationship has lived past its expiration date, needs fine-tuning, or requires a major overhaul, our therapists at Empowered and Authentic Living are here for you.

Our counseling goal is to help you have a successful relationship—together or apart. Through the couples counseling experience, we’ll offer practical tools, knowledge, and perspective, including:

  • How to wade through the complex maze of sharing life with another person—or separating from them
  • What gets in the way of a healthy, happy connection in your marriage or relationship
  • How to ask for what you need to feel and experience love—not just to “know” you’re loved

After all, loving someone is an action, not just a feeling.

10 Reasons to Seek Couple or Marriage Counseling

Many situations lead couples to marriage, premarital, or couple counseling. You may want to consider talking to one of our licensed counselors when you or your partner:

  • Want more out of your relationship(s)
  • Need to determine whether you should get married, stay together, or get divorced
  • Feel that life together has become “flat,” boring, or routine
  • Communicate poorly or your communication deteriorates into yelling, screaming, threats, or violence from one or both of you
  • Strongly disagree about issues that are important to one of you, such as how to handle finances, childrearing, or your sexual relationship
  • Don’t express yourself, hide your real thoughts and feelings much of the time to keep the peace
  • Feel like you’re walking on pins and needles, trying not to upset the other person
  • Like or love the other person, but feel like you’ve fallen out of love
  • Have become an emotional or physical punching bag for the other person’s frustration
  • Find that you’re looking outside the marriage:

       – Developing a strong attraction or having a crush on someone else

       – Beginning an emotional affair—or tempted to

       – Starting a physical or sexual affair—or tempted to

Family Counseling

Often, one person is singled out as the one with “the problem” in the family. However, many times other dynamics are also at play.

Even within healthy, functional families, if the “problem” person changes, family members may need to adjust to the new, healthier person.

Similar to marriage counseling, we work with families to help you:

  • Improve communication
  • Gain the practical tools, knowledge, and perspective to live in harmony
  • Solve family problems and plan for special situations (e.g., holidays, reunions, weddings, etc.)
  • Know how to ask for what you want
  • Share your life and your love with others
  • Create a better functioning home
family counseling

When to Seek Family Counseling

You may seek help from a family counselor for many different reasons.

One Family Member Is Changing—or Not

Families are like hanging toy mobiles;  if one person shifts the others need to move, too. Otherwise, the harmony of the mobile is out of balance.

Likewise, family counseling is important when one or several people in the family are changing or getting counseling.

On the other hand, if a person with an addiction or other problem refuses to get help or to change, family counseling may be helpful for the rest of the family.

Conflict, Stress, or Fighting in the Family

If your household is chaotic, loud, disorganized, and filled with anger, family counseling may help.

Family Is Experiencing Grief or Loss

If you and your family members are suffering from the death, divorce, abandonment, or other loss of a family member, counseling can help.

Family Can’t Connect or Family Members Don’t Enjoy One Another

Maybe you’re unable to connect, not having fun together, or just don’t enjoy being with one another. Family counseling can help. Reach out.