Clinical Therapy 

Our clinical therapy treatments incorporate a broad array of psychological theories. Empowered and Authentic Living’s licensed counselors are trained to identify, analyze, and treat many different psychological, social, and mental health issues.


Situations Our Therapists Address

As licensed therapists, we work with children, teens, families, couples, and adults in many different life situations.

We see clients who need help with:

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clinical therapy

Skills You May Learn

Depending on your needs, you may learn:

  • Mindfulness
  • Meditation
  • Relationship skills, which might include how to:
    • Ask for help
    • Communicate effectively
    • Guide your children
    • Say, “No”
    • Stand up and assert yourself
  • Tips for reducing anxiety, which might include how to:
    • Avoid living in a state of chronic stress
    • Get in touch with your feelings
    • Turn down your overactive brain (the monkey mind)
  • Ways to feel better about yourself, which might include how to:
    • Eliminate self-defeating thoughts or behaviors
    • Forgive yourself and/or others
    • Get in touch with your feelings
    • Learn self-compassion
  • The art of being vulnerable for a deeper connection with others

Much, much more . .

Types of Therapy We May Consider

You and your life experiences are one-of-a-kind.

Therefore, the combination of psychological theories and therapies that will be most effective for you depends on your situation and your unique journey.

Among other psychological theories and therapies, our therapists may consider these:

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