Somatic Therapy

Somatic therapy includes a group of techniques that focus on how emotions, behaviors, and mental health impact physical body sensations.


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About Somatic Therapy

“Somatic” means having to do with the body.

Somatic therapy, then, has to do with the body. What’s more, it goes by many different names:

  • Body work
  • Body therapy
  • Body-centered therapy
  • Body psychotherapy
  • Somatic psychotherapy
  • Body-oriented therapy or
  • Body-oriented psychotherapy

Whether you or your therapist calls it somatic therapy, body-centered therapy, or something else, this treatment focuses on how your emotions, mental health, and past trauma can physically affect your body.

In other words, somatic therapy pays attention to the physical sensations in your body to help you access, process, and release painful emotions and thoughts that have hijacked your ability to be happy.

The Goal of Body-Centered Therapy

The goal of somatic therapy is to release your stored trauma, which can:

The Effectiveness of Somatic Therapy

Research has shown that somatic therapy is appropriate for PTSD. In addition, somatic therapy studies have looked at treating a variety of conditions, including personal empowerment, spirituality, and much more.

    Somatic Therapy Techniques

    Somatic therapy intertwines talk therapy with techniques that increase your awareness of body sensations, behaviors, emotions, and thoughts

    Many forms of somatic therapy exist. Furthermore, different therapists may incorporate different types of body awareness work, such as:

    • Breath work (special breathing practices)
    • Stretching
    • Guided meditation
    • Dance and other movement therapy
    • Yoga, tai chi, or qi gong
    • Mindfulness
    • Relaxation

    Body-Centered Therapy at Empowered and Authentic Living

    In addition to breath work, yoga, and mindfulness practices, we offer other types of somatic therapy at Empowered and Authentic Living.

    We tap into the physical feelings in your body, which are an important resource for self-discovery and healing. Most importantly, this type of therapy can override your conscious thoughts, allowing you to get to your truth, often hidden deep in your subconscious mind.

    Lisa applies the principles of self-acceptance training when doing body-centered therapy. This helps clients to recognize, feel, and express their truths. She believes, “The truth will set you free.”

    Rae is trained to provide Somatic Experiencing® therapy, a somatic therapy focused on resolving trauma and stress through listening to the body and nervous system. Rae also provides trauma-focused yoga groups.